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Blueteen links - The brutal torture

She screamed "no need", he shouted "tolerate".
She suffered, as could tolerate.
He ridiculed over it, forcing feel pain, gloatingly began ......
It was on a big table, abdomen. He beat her belt, one hand was tied, and the second tried to close raspuhshuyu red pants. He does not look at that is not, and if so poluchalos, beat her on the arm, hand dernulas, but again, under SOB closed pope.
He is tired, sweat droplets falling from his forehead, he turned it on the back and both hands tied together and to the table, and legs - to every corner of the table, in some razdvinutom situation. He smiled, and then whisked her. She looked down at his tormentors, and the eye nalilis tears, they quietly slip on the cheeks and frozen from the neck. He brushed their fingertips, and then sat around tables with a girl on the table.
"You murder me ?.."- Oct asked, looking at his eyes full of fear.
"No, but I prouchu you, bitch."
"What do I do?"
"Molchat! A knife is the most pussy from all over the magnitude votknu!" And he out a knife. U BA started hysteria, and she had unsuccessfully tried to get out of the ropes. He held flat, the cold side of his knife in her stomach, and then lower. She shivers.
He touched the tip of her sexual jaws. She was naked. She said nothing. She zazzhmurilas. He clicked stronger, it otreogirovala, zadrozhav. He clicked even stronger, watching her reaction. She kissed, and pulling popvtalas buttocks.
"It is?" -- scoffing he asked. The answer is not poslyshalos.
"Know - he said - will be even more painful when I cut the tender tvoju letters along the hole, and then across to my member was easier to enter. perturbation iron Then I stick with a force and its votknu in you, and stick-sex - meters, while it will not be until the end. sharply Then I obliged her, and on several occasions there votknu knife, with a magnitude. Will you hurt? " "Umolyayu, beg, do not need ... Imagine what this pain ... You do not ..."- zahlebyvalas Oct tears, which, incidentally, was called Lena.
"I am not going to do THIS, and I will leave you alive, but I WILL pitch you, a virgin, in all possible and impossible hole, I will slap you whips, a belt, nettle, and you will say to me thank you, kiss gun torture, I called Mr goes? "
"I agree ..."- vshlipnula Lena.
"First I check твои chest."
Her chest still very small, yet very little of it terribly proud, and her pubic on the surface, saying that it still has more than fourteen. She was 14.
He beat her whips, strap, and a hand on the chest, until they become pinkish-red.
Then he started their cuticle, and then bite so that it vskrikivala and compressed in pain after each times, but then stopped. She said "Mister" already unconstrained, as naschtoyaschy office.
He liked it, and he zasosal it, all of twists and a pink belt, in the lips. It is not skill in zrak kissing, it was her first time. She lubberly vorochala language, but not struggled.
"A will be hurt in sex?"
"A little bit, but you should learn to tolerate in life have to do so. hate, but did not cry. etw You do not!"
He stripped, gave rise to it, said "relax", and "NOT DVIGAYSYA!" And he cautiously entered my term in her vagina. Blood went, but soon stopped.
She was silent, but zazhmurilas pain. After a minute, she razzhala eyelids, which flowed with tears potekshaya ink. She said: "All ..." and sighed. He waited for the word, and then again began to enter and withdraw their long term. She experienced orgasm, he was sweaty and wet, and let the girl into his jet warm, sticky semen. Then he got otvyazal it helped odetsya, poshlepal on popke.I released.

Blueteen Links - Strict Father

It was in our class girl Katya. Pro say such "grey mouse."
Kathy was a girlfriend Donna.
Katia had karichnevye hair to the shoulders, brown eyes and a thin sponge. Yet it was almost like a board. I say almost, because the absolute boards for the ninth class is not. And it, Katka, went well. Five-four. Try it was rarely, if received, the blednela as if everything has received deuces in the quarters. No one knew why.
There was Katki brother, his name was Vadim, whether Vadik. He was a high, beautiful youngster, with long eyelashes and shalovlivym character.
Small malware have been in his repertoire. It stunned all the girls beginning in the fifth grade, finishing odinadtsatym. But he did not bump is not met. The sisters loved it ... It was a sight. Trepal her on the head, smiled, was always at lunch with her.
If she cried-something said at the abalone, and she ceased. She loved him, too. Kidalas him in the neck ... He, in his regular portfolio was behind it.
And so, on Tuesday, it received three. She brattsom went home. And I and my girlfriend decided Masha podglyadet for them, because they lived on the first floor, in a one-room apartment. And that's what we uvidili. Vadim put things and went, he was of English and went to a training course. And they lived three, and they father. Mother they saw, and immediately after birth spilas Katki.Esche grandmother lived with them, even things that, as it turned out later! Well, and Katka something grandmother said, and then found a diary in the ceiling and floor. Babka stood up and started shout, and then came around and gave Katke stroke in the face. Katika silent, it is not crying. Babka gave another, and another. And then on the hands, so much so that Katka zazhmurivalas in pain with every kick. Then start grandmother scream, and we dismantled only Maschke
"This is the weather, creation, the father will come!" and then Katka zarevela grandmother and herself in the legs and we dismantled only "babulechka, beg, do not tell the father, for the sake of God!" And her grandmother poddala pope on hand and ordered to sit on the bench. After five minutes or so came the father. Babka, as a dog, podbezhala to him and started to report about the top three. Katia sat silently. His father urged looked at her and said: "You Vyderu as sidrovu goat! I will Goethe until hand tire, and that neither had been written, creatures!"
Babka brought him the belt, Katka, lowering his head, came to his father. His father brought a bench, and start to withdraw Katka skirts. Then stayed in graphics, sugar to the father, but did not find support. It lowered the panties, and on her cheek slipped tears.
"Zhiwei! Schas Vadim come!" -- zaorala grandmother. Katja fell slightly on the bench and drew up jacket. Babaka gloatingly smiled looked at the father, and that she nodded. It took two ropes, and tightly linked Katkiny stalk and pens, and father nodded again. He took the belt from the hands of old kargi and razmahnuvshis with wild force struck Cate. Her rump dernulas and fingers vpilis in samyu. At the kick was formed from strips of red belt officers. Belt hit yet, and the rump again dernulas. And again, and again and again ... Popka covered with red stripes. He beat her and beat, probably ten minutes. Then decided to rest and grandmother-shakaliha, namochila boil in salted vodichke and made to kick a girl with prichitaniyami "tolerate, endure!" Katia beginning snake, and can be seen screaming, because the father has come, and it nadaval posschechin. Then he continued to beat her. He beat her even twenty minutes, and then otvyazav, told to dress and go umvtsya that saw her brother is not in this form. "Today you without supper, go lie directly emailed to sleep. I try not to fall asleep. Five minutes later, I check and the father will say, if you are not going to sleep, merzavka, and he hides from you again dogs!" - zlorastvovala grandmother. The father told her to go, and looked at Katku. She father kissed his hand and said "Thank you, Dad, for a lesson!" and something else, I do not understand. Then she fell to sleep, but it was probably five or six hours.
We walked home in silence Maschke. At school the next day Katka looked as usual, and only slightly zhmurilas when boarding for desks. We are firmly decided Maschke whenever it receives two or three to monitor it, because it is protected as we brought.

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Blueteen Links - Fantastic orgasm

I celovala his lips. In each of our sexual contact phone, we cry together publishing sex. We were lovers, with the blessing of God, at least we thought so, because the only true lovers can get such pleasure from each other. I met with Kirill in a supermarket, as is usually advertised on television, which is not whether the goods. Seeing his, I realized that this man must divide my bed with me. With no extra words, we went to my house, where I first took him with love. When the door, we have to understand that no longer restrain itself in force, and pryamya near doors, steel razdevat each other, kissing simultaneously greed, as thirsty after desert. When bed, we have withdrawn their latest clothes and went to bed when he began his left hand gently massaging my right-chest. I publish the most Vempire vskrik that can produce a woman from the most powerful love weasel. My body shudder from the beginning of his weasel, and he understands eye, lowered his head to my sexually sponge. I felt like it hot language, came to my tender klitoram, which further led me into ecstasy. He loved me so more than five minutes, and during these moments, I got the best orgasm. After he became on his feet and looked at me from top to bottom, and he has seen the extent to which he initiated me, as both my eyes shone a red, then blue light. I was in ecstasy, and a witness to my vision that as if I had become bluish dove porhayuschego over paradise, its air is colored colours then blue, then red, and the atmosphere is replete with exciting aroma.

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Blueteen Links Stories Blog

Let's start Blueteen Links Stories Blog. I will post some erotic story for you. I hope you will like it. So see you soon.